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2x7c, resolution 1.90Å ()
Ligands: , ,
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Publication Abstract from PubMed

Human kinesin Eg5, which plays an essential role in mitosis by establishing the bipolar spindle, has proven to be an interesting drug target for the development of cancer chemotherapeutics. Here, we report the crystal structures of the Eg5 motor domain complexed with enastron, dimethylenastron, and fluorastrol. By comparing these structures to that of monastrol and mon-97, we identified the main reasons for increased potency of these new inhibitors, namely the better fit of the ligand to the allosteric binding site and the addition of fluorine atoms. We also noticed preferential binding of the S-enantiomer of enastron and dimethylenastron to Eg5, while the R-enantiomer of fluorastrol binds preferentially to Eg5. In addition, we performed a multidrug resistance (MDR) study in cell lines overexpressing P-glycoprotein (Pgp). We showed that one of these inhibitors may have the potential to overcome susceptibility to this efflux pump and hence overcome common resistance associated with tubulin-targeting drugs.

Structural Basis for Inhibition of Eg5 by Dihydropyrimidines: Stereoselectivity of Antimitotic Inhibitors Enastron, Dimethylenastron and Fluorastrol., Kaan HY, Ulaganathan V, Rath O, Prokopcova H, Dallinger D, Kappe CO, Kozielski F, J Med Chem. 2010 Jul 2. PMID:20597485

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[KIF11_HUMAN] Defects in KIF11 are the cause of microcephaly with or without chorioretinopathy, lymphedema, or mental retardation (MCLMR) [MIM:152950]. An autosomal dominant disorder that involves an overlapping but variable spectrum of central nervous system and ocular developmental anomalies. Microcephaly ranges from mild to severe and is often associated with mild to moderate developmental delay and a characteristic facial phenotype with upslanting palpebral fissures, broad nose with rounded tip, long philtrum with thin upper lip, prominent chin, and prominent ears. Chorioretinopathy is the most common eye abnormality, but retinal folds, microphthalmia, and myopic and hypermetropic astigmatism have also been reported, and some individuals have no overt ocular phenotype. Congenital lymphedema, when present, is typically confined to the dorsa of the feet, and lymphoscintigraphy reveals the absence of radioactive isotope uptake from the webspaces between the toes.[1]


[KIF11_HUMAN] Motor protein required for establishing a bipolar spindle. Blocking of KIF11 prevents centrosome migration and arrest cells in mitosis with monoastral microtubule arrays.[2]

About this Structure

2x7c is a 2 chain structure with sequence from Homo sapiens. Full crystallographic information is available from OCA.


  • Kaan HY, Ulaganathan V, Rath O, Prokopcova H, Dallinger D, Kappe CO, Kozielski F. Structural Basis for Inhibition of Eg5 by Dihydropyrimidines: Stereoselectivity of Antimitotic Inhibitors Enastron, Dimethylenastron and Fluorastrol. J Med Chem. 2010 Jul 2. PMID:20597485 doi:10.1021/jm100421n
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  2. Rapley J, Nicolas M, Groen A, Regue L, Bertran MT, Caelles C, Avruch J, Roig J. The NIMA-family kinase Nek6 phosphorylates the kinesin Eg5 at a novel site necessary for mitotic spindle formation. J Cell Sci. 2008 Dec 1;121(Pt 23):3912-21. doi: 10.1242/jcs.035360. Epub 2008 Nov, 11. PMID:19001501 doi:10.1242/jcs.035360

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