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3D structures of Adapter molecule crk

Updated on 21-March-2019

1m30, 1m3a, 1m3b, 1m3c – mCrk N terminal SH3 (mutant) – mouse - NMR
2ggr – mCrk C terminal SH3 - NMR
2l3p, 2l3q, 2l3s – Crk residues 220-297 – chicken – NMR
1cka, 1ckb, 5ih2 – mCrk N terminal SH3 + proline-rich peptide
5l23 – mCrk N terminal SH3 + proline-rich peptide - NMR
1b07 – mCrk N terminal SH3 + SH3 peptoid inhibitor
5jn0 – hCrk SH2 residues 6-121 - human
1ju5 – hCrk SH2 + phosphopeptide + Abl SH3
5ul6, 6atv – hCrk residues 134-191 + influenza virus proline-rich motif

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