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Helicobacter pylori ClpX complex with ADP (PDB entry 1um8)

3D structures of ClpX

Updated on 17-February-2019

3hte, 4i34, 4i4l, 4i5o, 4i63, 4i9k – EcClpX residues 62-424 – Escherichia coli
3hws - EcClpX residues 62-424 (mutant) + ADP
2ds5, 2ds6, 2ds7 - EcClpX zinc-binding domain
1ovx - EcClpX zinc-binding domain - NMR
2ds8 - EcClpX zinc-binding domain + SSPB-tail peptide
4i81 – EcCLPX + ATP-γ-S
1um8 - ClpX residues 71-446 + ADP – Helicobacter pylori


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  2. Kim DY, Kim KK. Crystal structure of ClpX molecular chaperone from Helicobacter pylori. J Biol Chem. 2003 Dec 12;278(50):50664-70. Epub 2003 Sep 26. PMID:14514695 doi:10.1074/jbc.M305882200

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