Colicin I receptor

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E. coli colicin I receptor (cyan) complexed with colicin Ia receptor-binding domain (green) and lauryl dimethylamine oxide (PDB entry 2hdi)

3D Structures of Colicin I receptor

Updated on 18-February-2019

2hdf – EcCir – Escherichia coli
2hdi – EcCir + colicin Ia receptor-binding domain


  1. Buchanan SK, Lukacik P, Grizot S, Ghirlando R, Ali MM, Barnard TJ, Jakes KS, Kienker PK, Esser L. Structure of colicin I receptor bound to the R-domain of colicin Ia: implications for protein import. EMBO J. 2007 May 16;26(10):2594-604. Epub 2007 Apr 26. PMID:17464289

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