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Structure of Collagen (PDB entry [[4clg]] or [[1cag]])
Gly Packing in 4clg ()
Ala Packing in 1cag (Mutated Collagen) ()

In order to convince yourself that there is a difference in the interchain distances in the area of the Ala, between Gly (Ala) and Pro which form intratropocollagen hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds are not formed between Ala and Pro because the distances between the atoms forming the bonds are too great. The absence of the intratropocollagen hydrogen bonds, which is due to replacing Gly with a residue having a longer side chain, disrupts collagen's rope-like structure and is responsible for the symptoms of such human diseases as osteogenesis imperfecta and certain Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.

3D structures of collagen

Updated on 23-February-2014

3hqv, 3hr2 – Col I – rat – fiber diffraction
1q7d - hCol I α1 integrin-binding domain – human
1u5m - hCol II α1 (mutant)
3dmw - hCol III α1residues 1158-1199 (mutant)
4ae2 - hCol III residues 1222-1466
4aej, 4ak3 - hCol III residues 1222-1466 (mutant)
1kth - hCol III α3 Kunitz type domain
1kun - hCol III α3 Kunitz type domain – NMR
1li1 - hCol IV α Nc1 domain
1t60, 1t61, 1m3d - Col IV α Nc1 domain – bovine
2knt, 1knt - hCol VI Kunitz type domain
4igi - mCol VI α3 N5 domain – mouse
4ihk - mCol VI α3 N5 domain (mutant)
1o91 - mCol VIII α1 Nc1 domain
2uur - hCol IX α1 Nc4 domain
1gr3 - hCol X α1 Nc1 domain
1b9p, 1b9q - Col IX α1 Nc4 domain (mutant)
3n3f – hCol XIV Nc1 domain
1dy2 - mCol XV endostatin domain
3hon, 3hsh - hCol XVIII tetramerization domain
1bnl - hCol XVIII C terminal domain
1dy0, 1dy1 - mCol XVIII endostatin domain
2ekj, 2ee3 - hCol XX α1 fn3 domain
2dkm - hCol XX α1 fn3 domain - NMR
3ipn – Col modified
1wzb, 1itt, 1k6f, 1ym8 – Col triple helix
1zpx, 1sp7, 1sop – Col mini – hydra – NMR
2cuo, 2d3f, 2d3h, 2g66 – Col model peptides

Collagen complex with binding proteins

3ejh, 3gxe – hCol I α1 C-terminal + fibronectin
2fse – hCol II + MHC HLA-DR1
2seb - hCol II + MHC HLA-DR4
2v53 - hCol III α1 + Sparc
2wuh – hCol + discoidin domain receptor 2
1dzi – Col + integrin α2 domain
2f6a – Col + Col adhesin


  1. J.M. Chen, C.E. Kung, S.H. Feairheller, E.M. Brown, AN ENERGETIC EVALUATION OF A "SMITH" COLLAGEN MICROFIBRIL MODEL, J. Protein Chem., 10, 535, 1991

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Movies of assembly of triple helix of type I and IV collagen.


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