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Structure of cruzain catalytic domain complex with methylketone inhibitor (PDB entry 1me3)

3D structures of cruzain

Updated on 18-February-2019

1aim, 2aim, 1me3, 1me4 – Cru catalytic domain + methylketone inhibitor – Trypanosoma cruzi
1f29, 1f2a, 1f2b, 1f2c, 1ewo, 3lxs - Cru catalytic domain + vinyl sulfone derived inhibitor
1ewl, 1ewm – Cru catalytic domain + methylbutane inhibitor
1ewp - Cru catalytic domain + MOR-Leu-HPQ
4w5b, 4xui, 4qh6, 4pi3, 4klb, 3kku, 3i06, 2oz2, 1u9q – TcPRO + inhibitor
4w5c, 3iut, 3hd3 – TcPRO (mutant) + inhibitor


  1. Brinen LS, Hansell E, Cheng J, Roush WR, McKerrow JH, Fletterick RJ. A target within the target: probing cruzain's P1' site to define structural determinants for the Chagas' disease protease. Structure. 2000 Aug 15;8(8):831-40. PMID:10997902
  2. Huang L, Brinen LS, Ellman JA. Crystal structures of reversible ketone-Based inhibitors of the cysteine protease cruzain. Bioorg Med Chem. 2003 Jan 2;11(1):21-9. PMID:12467703

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