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Enzyme I of the phosphotransferase system (PDB code 2wqd)

III.Staphylococcus aureus vs Escherichia coli

The X-ray structure of S. aureus EI (SaEI) has been recently solved but structures of other bacterias have been reported before, for instance E. coli EI structure (EcEI). Although SaEI and EcEI X-ray structures are nearly the same, some differences have been observed. Image:tableau SaEI EcEI.jpg

These two X-ray structures could actually be two possible conformations of the Enzyme I, corresponding to two steps of the phosphotransfer from PEP to HPr. EcEI structure correspond to the conformation II and SaEI structure correspond to the conformation I.

Thus, two modest rigid body motions can be described :



Knowing the structure of S. aureus EI allows a better comprehension of the PTS mechanism. But progresses could be still done such as the possible phenomena which induce the motions of the different domains.


Oberholzer AE, Schneider P, Siebold C, Baumann U, Erni B. (2009).Crystal structure of enzyme I of the phosphoenolpyruvate:Sugar phosphotransferase system in the dephosphorylated state. J Biol Chem PMID: 19801641

3D Structures of EI

2wqd S. aureus EI phosphorylated structure

2hwg E. coli phosphorylated and Mg2+-oxalate bound structure



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