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Fibrin α1 subunit (red, yellow), β subunit (cyan, blue), γ subunit (orange, magenta) from Petromyzon marinus (PDB entry 1n73)

3D Structures of Fibrin

Updated on 18-March-2019

3h32 – hFIa peptide+ hFI α, β, γ chains – human
2q9i, 2z4e - hFIa B-knob+ hFI α, β, γ chains
2hlo, 1n86 - hFIa α, β, γ chains + peptide
1n8e - hFIa α, β, γ chains
1n73 - FIa α, β, γ chains + peptide – Sea lamprey
1fzc – hDDFIa+peptide


  1. Yang Z, Pandi L, Doolittle RF. The crystal structure of fragment double-D from cross-linked lamprey fibrin reveals isopeptide linkages across an unexpected D-D interface. Biochemistry. 2002 Dec 31;41(52):15610-7. PMID:12501189

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