Homocitrate synthase

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Fission yeast homocitrate synthase Lys4 dimer complex with 2-oxoglutarate, Na+ (purple) and Zn+2 (grey) ions 3ivt

3D Structures of homocitrate synthase

Updated on 16-May-2019

3ivs – fyHS Lys4 – fission yeast
3ivt, 3ivu - fyHS Lys4 + 2-oxoglutarate
3mi3 - fyHS Lys4 + lysine
2ztj – TtHS + α-ketoglutarate – Thermus thermophilus
2zyf - TtHS + α-ketoglutarate + Mg
2ztk – TtHS + homocitrate
3a9i – TtHS + lysine


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