Isopropylmalate dehydrogenase

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3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase complex with 3-isopropylmalate, glycerol, NAD, PMSF, Mn+2 and K+ ions (purple) (PDB entry 4f7i)

3D structures of isopropylmalate dehydrogenase

Updated on 30-June-2019


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  2. Pallo A, Olah J, Graczer E, Merli A, Zavodszky P, Weiss MS, Vas M. Structural and energetic basis of isopropylmalate dehydrogenase enzyme catalysis. FEBS J. 2014 Sep 11. doi: 10.1111/febs.13044. PMID:25211160 doi:

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