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One of the CBI Molecules being studied in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Chemistry-Biology Interface Program at UMass Amherst and on display at the Molecular Playground.

Acyl carrier protein domain of DEBS (PDB code 2ju1)

Polyketides are a medicinally important class of natural products. The architecture of modular polyketide synthases (PKSs), composed of multiple covalently linked domains grouped into modules, provides an attractive framework for engineering novel polyketide-producing assemblies. The tertiary fold of this 10-kD ACP domain is a three-helical bundle; an additional short helix in the second loop also contributes to the core helical packing. This is the with the hydroxyl of serine that gets modified to holo-form after post-translational modification which is the active form. [1]

PKS [1]

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