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Pig lipase-procolipase complex complexed with nonylglucoside, diundecyl phosphatidyl choline and Ca+2, 1lpa
Ligands: , ,
Activity: Triacylglycerol lipase, with EC number
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Pancreatic Lipase

One of the CBI Molecules being studied in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Chemistry-Biology Interface Program at UMass Amherst in Rotello's Group and on display at the Molecular Playground.

, which can hydrolyze the ester bond in a wide range of ester compounds, is a 46KD, water-soluble enzyme secreted from pancreas.

Coupled with two , Pancreatic lipase is clearly essential for the ef´Čücient digestion of dietary triglycerides. triglycerides are firstly emulsified by bile salts in the duodenum. And then, the lipase can break them into fat acids and glycerol more efficiently due to larger surface area of the emulsions of fat than that of the bulk ones.

3D structures of lipase


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