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Crystal Structure of Human Neuroglobin 1oj6
Crystal Structure of Human Neuroglobin 1oj6
Mouse neuroglobin showing the heme and complexed with sulfate and Xe 3gk9
Ligands: , ,
Gene: Ngb (Mus musculus)
Related: 3gkt, 3gln
Resources: FirstGlance, OCA, PDBsum, RCSB
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Neuroglobin (NGB) is involved in cellular oxygen homeostasis. It binds oxygen reversibly. It increases oxygen availability in the brain. It is a monomer containing a heme group.

3D Structures of Neuroglobin

Updated on 06-May-2015

3gk9, 3gkt, 2vry, 1q1f, 4mu5, 4nzi, 4o1t, 4o4t – mNGB (mutant) – mouse
3gln, 1w92, 4o2g, 4o35 – mNGB (mutant) + CO
4o4z – mNGB (mutant) + N2O
1oj6 – hNGB (mutant) - human
4mpm – hNGB
4b4y – NGB – Symsagittifera roscoffensis

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