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Structure of the Potassium Channel complex with K+ ions, (2r9r)


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This article was developed based on lectures given in Chemistry 543 by Prof. Clarence E. Schutt at Princeton University.

Potassium channels (KCh) are subdivided into voltage-gated KCh and calcium-dependent KCh. The latter are subdivided into high- (BK, LKCa), intermediate- and small-conductance KCh (human SK1, rat SK2, SKCa). The T1 domain is a highly conserved N-terminal domain which is responsible for driving the tetramerization of the KCh α subunit. The inward rectifier KCh (IRK) passes current more easily in the inward direction. MthK is a calcium-dependent KCh from Methanobacterium thermoautrophicum.

3D structures of Potassium Channels

Updated on 01-March-2019

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