Selenocysteine synthase

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Human selenocysteine synthase containing phosphoserine complex with tRNASec, monothiophosphate, deoxypyridoxine phosphate (PDB entry 3hl2)

3D Structures of selenocysteine synthase

Updated on 02-September-2019

3bc8, 3bca - mSecS elastase-resistant fragment - mouse

3bcb - mSecS elastase-resistant fragment + phosphate

2z67 - SecS - Methanococcus maripaludis

3hl2 - hSecS + tRNASec + PLP - human
4zdl – hSecS (mutant)
4zdo, 4zdp – hSecS (mutant) + tRNASec
3w1i – AaSecS + pyridine derivative – Aquifex aeolicus
3wcn – AaSecS (mutant)
3w1h, 3wco – AaSecS (mutant) + pyridine derivative
3w1j – AaSecS + pyridine derivative
3w1k – AaSecS (mutant) + pyridine derivative + tRNASec


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