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Mouse sonic hedgehog complex with sulfate and Zn+2 ion (grey) (PDB code 1vhh)

3D Structures of sonic hedgehog

Updated on 09-February-2020

3m1n, 6pjv – hSHH N terminal – human
3ho5 – hSHH N terminal + hedgehog-interacting protein
3mxw – hSHH N terminal + antibody
6oev – hSHH N terminal + patched1
6dmy, 6n7g, 6n7h, 6n7k, 6rmg, 6rvd – hSHH N terminal + patched1 - Cryo EM
6e1h – hSHH N terminal + patched1 + palmitate - Cryo EM
1vhh, 3n1r – mSHH N terminal – mouse
3d1m – mSHH N terminal + cell adhesion molecule
2wfx, 2wg4 – mSHH N terminal + hedgehog-interacting protein
4c4m, 4c4n – mSHH N terminal + proteoglycan


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