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Equine infectious anemia virus Tat protein (pink) complex with cyclin T1 (grey), RNA and Mn+2 ion (purple) (PDB entry 2w2h)

3D Structures of Tat protein

Updated on 13-February-2020

1tiv, 1tac – HvTat (mutant) – HIV-1 - NMR
1tbc, 1jfw, 1k5k – HvTat – NMR
3mi9, 3mia – HvTat + cyclin T1 + cell division protein kinase 9
6cyt – HvTat + cyclin T1 + cell division protein kinase 9 + AF4/FMR2 + RNA
2kx5 – HvTat peptide (mutant) + HIV mRNA – NMR
2bgn, 2bgr – HvTat peptide + CD26
1tvs, 1tvt - EiavTat – Equine infectious anemia virus - NMR
2pk2 – EiavTat/cyclin T1
2w2h – EiavTat + cyclin T1 + RNA
1zbn – Tat arginine-rich domain + BIV mRNA – Jembrana disease virus – NMR


  1. Ranga U, Shankarappa R, Siddappa NB, Ramakrishna L, Nagendran R, Mahalingam M, Mahadevan A, Jayasuryan N, Satishchandra P, Shankar SK, Prasad VR. Tat protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C strains is a defective chemokine. J Virol. 2004 Mar;78(5):2586-90. PMID:14963162

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