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Glycosylated human tetherin ectodomain dimer 2xg7

3D structures of tetherin

Updated on 19-June-2017

2x7a, 3nwh, 2xg7, 3mqb, 3mqc – hBST2 ectodomain – human
3mq7, 3mq9, 2lk9 - hBST2 ectodomain (mutant)
3ni0 - BST2 ectodomain – mouse


Sakuma, Noda, Urata, Kawaoka, & Yasuda (2009). Inhibition of Lassa and Marburg Virus Production by Tetherin. Journal of Virology. 83:2382-2385.

Neil, Zang, & Beiniasz (2008). Tetherin inhibits retroviral release and is antagonized by HIV-1 Vpu. Nature. 451: 425-430.

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