Tissue factor pathway inhibitor

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Human tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2 Kunitz domain I (green) complex with trypsin (cyan) and Ca+2 ion (PDB code 1zr0)

3D Structures of tissue factor pathway inhibitor

Updated on 26-February-2020

Tissue factor pathway inhibitor domains: kunitz I 29-118; kunitz II 121-178; kunitz III 210-270

1adz – hTFPI-1 kunitz domain II (mutant) – human - NMR
1irh – hTFPI-1 kunitz domain III - NMR
1tfx – hTFPI-1 kunitz domain II + trypsin
6bx8 – hTFPI-1 kunitz domain I (mutant) + trypsin
1zr0 – hTFPI-2 kunitz domain I + trypsin
5nmv – hTFPI-1 kunitz domain I + antibody
4dtg – hTFPI-1 kunitz domain II + antibody
4bqd – hTFPI-1 kunitz domain I + peptide


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