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A former Senior Human Services Program Specialist for the Florida Department of Health, Lois earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Anthropology in 1997, from Western Washington University in Washington state. Upon completing of this degree she began working in public health for the Department of Social and Health Services in Washington, then in 2003 for the Florida Department of Health – Bureau of HIV/AIDS. Eager to learn more about the field of Biology and Chemistry she returned to university to earn a Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry in 2009, from Stony Brook University, New York. Her Biochemistry coursework included assisting in Drosophila melanogaster genetic studies and research on the HIV-1 Gag recruitment of Tsg101 and the viral budding process, under the supervision of Dr. Marvin O'Neal and Dr. Gisselle Medina. She presently resides in Gainesville, Florida.

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