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Nucleic acid in general

  • Curves+ is a revised version of the Curves approach for analyzing the structure of nucleic acids. The webserver form can be accessed here where citations of the related articles are in another tab. There seems to be a command line-based one in Fortran available here.
  • Despite what the name original stood for, DSSR handles nucleic acids in general as well. See the description below for links.

RNA specific

  • DSSR -(Dissecting the Spatial Structure of RNA), an integrated and automated tool for analyzing and annotating RNA tertiary structures. PMID: 26184874 [2] (Maybe name of given supplemental data file previously DSSR stood for "DSSR_ a software program for Defining the Secondary Structures of RNA from three-dimensional coordinates".? Jmol now has integrated real time updates to data generated by DSSR, see here and a 2017 article on it here[3].
  • RNApdbee -a webserver to derive secondary structures from PDB files of knotted and unknotted RNAs PMID: 24771339[4]. Use it here.




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