Interactive 3D Complement (I3DC) for your paper on Proteopedia
Instruction for the paper's authors:
Proteopedia is working with the Journal of your recently accepted paper and will develop, in close collaboration with you, an Interactive 3D Complement (I3DC) on Proteopedia, that will enhance your paper and allow it to reach a wider audience.
For this purpose, you need to upload using the page at the URL provided on a separate email, the following material:
Text: Two or three paragraphs of text that describes the key features of the paper main message, on the described function or the newly solved structure; in the style of a News & Views to draw readers in. Please note that this is not exactly the current Abstract or Summary of your paper, but an overview of your findings written on a colloquial style to reach a wider scientific audience. Ideally, this text should be also appealing to, and understood by, readers outside your sphere of influence.
Images: Two to five two-dimensional images (normal quality), which may include images of the figures in the manuscript, that showcase the important aspects of the structure you describe in the News & Views text. Please don't forget a textual explanation for each image and a description on how they relate to the paper. Since this is not a caption for the figure, please feel free to add comments and suggestions, so the 3D artist will know what to highlight.
Files: Please clearly state the PDB id for the structures on the paper. Include the coordinates file for each of the figures, if modified from the structure file available on PDB. For any image created with PyMOL, please provide the '.pse' files of saved sessions, or script files used for automatic creation of scenes.
Manuscript: A draft version of your paper. This helps in better understanding the science behind the figures.
Userid: The I3DC Material on Proteopedia will remain accesible only to selected authorized users. The easiest way to grant you access to your I3DC while is being developed is though a userid on Proteopedia. If you don't have one yet, you may request a free account.