Installing FirstGlance in Jmol on Your Server

It is not necessary to install FirstGlance on your server in order to show molecules in FirstGlance from your website(s): See links.

In unusual cases, it may be desirable to have your own copy of FirstGlance on your server. For example, your geographic location might have a consistently slow connection to the main FirstGlance server, or you might wish to customize FirstGlance (see license).

Before concluding that you need to install FirstGlance on your server, check out the FirstGlance in Jmol Mirror Sites.

Installing FirstGlance in Jmol on your server:
  1. Familiarize yourself with the Copyright and License.

  2. Download the application files. You will need to gunzip them (unix: gzip -d firstglance0.00.tar.gz) and then untar them (unix: tar xf firstglance0.00.tar).

  3. Copy the application files to your server. Make the files world readable (unix: Be careful with this! From the directory containing the application files,
    chmod -R o+rX *).

  4. Test your installation. (Consider the tests in the Technical Gallery).

  5. We would appreciate knowing about your installation. Our contact address is below.

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