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The dimeric E. coli ecotin (yellow) complex with thrombin heavy chain (cyan) and light chain (magenta) and Ca+2 ion (green) 1id5

3D Structures of Ecotin

Updated on 11-March-2019


  1. Eggers CT, Murray IA, Delmar VA, Day AG, Craik CS. The periplasmic serine protease inhibitor ecotin protects bacteria against neutrophil elastase. Biochem J. 2004 Apr 1;379(Pt 1):107-18. PMID:14705961 doi:
  2. Wang SX, Esmon CT, Fletterick RJ. Crystal structure of thrombin-ecotin reveals conformational changes and extended interactions. Biochemistry. 2001 Aug 28;40(34):10038-46. PMID:11513582

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