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β-lactoglobulin is a CBI Molecules being studied in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Chemistry-Biology Interface Program at UMass Amherst and on display at the Molecular Playground.

BLG as studied in the Dubin Lab

BLG A and BLG B are isoforms that differ by 2 charge units 1beb

β-lactoglobulin is a dimeric protein that exists in two forms. BLG A and BLG B, which differ by two mutations, one of which is a non-charged residue being replaced by an Aspartic Acid, which at relevant pH values is negatively charged. The result is a protein that exists in two isoforms, which differ by two negative charges (one per monomer).

The differences between these two forms significantly augment the electrostatic potential, making BLG A & BLG B an ideal system for studying the interaction of a protein with a polyelectrolyte.

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