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mouse ER-resident protein ERdj5 3apo

ERdj5 Structure

is an Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) resident protein disulfide isomerase. It is a 793 amino acid multi-domain protein. It consists of an N-terminal that has been shown to bind to BIP, ER resident HSP70, four redox-active domains (displayed here in green) and their respective redox-active CXXC motifs labeled in red and two domains shown in yellow, which lack CXXC redox-active motifs.


ERdj5 is believed to play a critical role in ERAD (ER Associated Degradation) in that it is required for reducing ERAD substrates and facilitating their retrotranslocation from the ER to the cytoplasm. It has been shown to interact with EDEM (ER Degradation Enhancing Mannosidase), a protein that recognizes misfolded substrates and targets them for ERAD.


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