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Human p73 DNA-binding domain complex with Tris, glycerol and Zn+2 ion (grey), 2xwc

3D Structures of p73

Updated on 25-July-2019

1cok – hp73 C terminal – human – NMR

2kby – hp73 TD – NMR

2wqi, 2wqj, 2wtt - hp73 TD
5hob, 5hoc - hp73 TD (mutant)
2xwc – hp73 DBD (mutant)
2nb1 - hp73 TD (mutant) + hp63 TD (mutant)
3vd0, 3vd1, 3vd2, 4g82, 4g83, 4guo, 4guq, 5kbd – hp73 DBD + DNA
4a63 – hp73 DBD + apoptosis stimulating of p53 protein


  1. Di Como CJ, Gaiddon C, Prives C. p73 function is inhibited by tumor-derived p53 mutants in mammalian cells. Mol Cell Biol. 1999 Feb;19(2):1438-49. PMID:9891077

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