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PON1 - looking down 6-bladed propellers, Ca+2 (green) and phosphate (stick model) ions seen 1v04

3D structures of paraoxonase

1v04 – sPON + Ca + phosphate – synthetic
2vc7 – SsPON + thiophenium derivative + Co + Fe – Sulfolobus solfataricus
4kf1 – SsPON (mutant) + Co + Fe + thiophenium derivative
2vc5 – SsPON + Co + Fe
4ke4, 4kes, 4ket, 4keu, 4kev, 4kez, 5vri, 5vrk, 5vsa, 5w3u, 5w3w, 5w3z – SsPON (mutant) + Co + Fe
4hho, 4hhq – sPON + Ca + Br
3sre – sPON + Ca + Br + phosphate
4q1u – sPON (mutant) + Ca + Br + phosphate
3srg – sPON + Ca + Br + oxoquinoline


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