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Dog phospholamban (green and pink) complex with calcium pump (grey) and K+ ion (purple) (PDB code 4y3u)

3D Structures of phospholamban

Updated on 21-October-2017

1plp – hPLB cytoplasmic domain – human - NMR
1zll, 2hyn – hPLB - NMR
1fjk, 1fjp – PLB – pig - NMR
1n7l, 2lpf – rPLB (mutant) – rabbit - NMR
2m3b – rPLB - NMR
2kb7, 2kyv – PLB – Escherichia coli - NMR
1yod – PLB - synthetic
4kyt – dPLB (mutant) + calcium pump – dog
4y3u – dPLB + calcium pump


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