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Poster Prize Awarded at ICSG2013-SLS

Sheikh Mohammed Arif
Sheikh Mohammed Arif

At the Structural Life Science - International Conference on Structural Genomics 2013 (July 29-August 1, Sapporo, Japan), the Proteopedia Poster Prize ($500 usd) was awarded to Sheikh Mohammed Arif for "Structural studies of proteins involved in DNA repair in mycobacteria" (from: Prof. M. Vijayan's Lab, Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA)

We wish to give warm thanks to judges Katsumi Maenaka (Hokkaido University), Stephen Burley (RCSB PDB), Joel L. Sussman (Weizmann Institute of Science & Proteopedia) and Tom Terwilliger (Los Alamos National Laboratory).

The next 8th-ICSG-SLS Conference will be held at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAEL, 7-11 June 2015.

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