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Welcome to the Proteopedia Video Guide.

On this page you will find several narrated videos to guide you through using Proteopedia. At Help:Contents you will find written guides.

Feel free to expand each video section with text explaining the concepts addressed in the video.


Video 1: Introduction

In this video you will find a brief introduction to Proteopedia. See also About Proteopedia.

Video 2: Searching - A quick introduction

This video will teach you the basics on how to search in Proteopedia. See also Help:Searching.

Video 3: Topic vs. Seeded pages

This video explains the difference between pages for the over 122,000 PDB entries that have been created automatically in Proteopedia, and human-authored articles on broader topics like "Hemoglobin" and "Acetylcholinesterase". (See also Topic pages and Proteopedia:Table of Contents.)

Video 4: Editing, formatting, and styling text on a page

This video will show you how to edit, format, and style text on a page by familiarizing you with the editing features of Proteopedia. Text with format and style markup is called wikitext.

Video 5: Uploading an image or file and adding an image to a page

Video 5 will show you how to upload an image or file to Proteopedia as well as how to add an uploaded image to a page. Also available are instructions for uploading a "molecule" or PDB file, and incorporating it into a molecular scene.

Video 6: Adding a 3D applet (3D structure) to a page

This video will show you how to add a 3D applet (3D structure) to a page in Proteopedia.

Video 7: Adding scenes (green links)

This video gives a basic introduction to adding scenes (green links) to pages in Proteopedia.

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