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Hammerhead ribozyme, 379d

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Ribozyme (RZ) is an RNA molecule which catalyzes a chemical reaction[1].

  • Glucosamine-6-phosphate activated RZ (glmS RZ) is a RZ and a riboswitch which regulates genes in response to metabolites.
  • Leadzyme is a small, artificially-made RZ which can cleave RNA in the presence of lead. For more details on leadzyme see Student Projects for UMass Chemistry 423 Spring 2012-10.
  • Hairpin RZ and hammerhead RZ are named based on their shape[2].
  • Group I intron catalyzes its own selfish splicing[3].
  • Comparative genomic analysis revealed Twister, Twister sister, Hatchet, and Pistol [4][5].

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