STAS domain of the SLC26 anion transporter prestin

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The SulP family

The Sulphate permease SulP is a large and diverse family of integral membrane proteins, with members found in eubacteria, plants, fungi and mammals (SLC26). These anion transporters show a similar structural organization: a highly conserved transmembrane central core and a less conserved cytoplasmic C-terminal portion, comprising a STAS domain.

The STAS domain

The STAS domain (Sulphate Transporter and Anti-Sigma factor antagonist) was identified by omology between the SulP gene family and the bacterial anti-sigma factor antagonist (ASA) SpoIIAA of Bacillus subtilis. The STAS domain is involved in the function/regulation of SulP transporters. Most probably the 3D structures of the anion transporters STAS domains significantly deviate from those of the bacterial ASAs, whose structures are known.

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