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Angel's slides

Under things we don't like about Proteopedia:

  • I am finding it slightly annoying that when I click a link within an article to go to another Proteopedia page and then go back to the page I was viewing, the structure section goes back to the top of the structure section instead of where I was in the article. Example page, the Ribosome page, if you click link to scene about structural detail of active site and then try to go back. Wayne Decatur 15:33, 22 January 2018 (UTC)
  • If I search 'ribosome', not press 'Go' in the top search bar on Proteopedia, I don't get the Ribosome page at the top. In fact even if I click on the 'ribosome' category that is at the top, the Ribosome page isn't even listed there at. I imagine this is a more general problem but I notice it there. Wayne Decatur 15:33, 22 January 2018 (UTC)

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Wayne Decatur, Angel Herraez

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