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A few examples of supported tags using

JSmol applet in the same page


Some caption here, enabled for wikitext, i.e double square brackets 3rec

The applet on the right is generated from this code
<title> wikiPageContents </title>
<caption>Some caption here, enabled for wikitext, i.e double square brackets [[3rec]]</caption>
<controls>spin popup</controls>
  • <caption> Text displayed below the applet
  • <captioncss> CSS style for Caption
  • <color> Applet background colour
  • <controls> Draws control buttons [ all | spin | quality | popup ]
  • <float> [ left | right ]
  • <frame> true: draws frame around applet
  • <pspeed> Platform speed for applet [ 1 .. 8 ]
  • <script> Jmol script, i.e. load $NC(Cl)(C)O;
  • <size> Applet side in pixels
  • <title> Text displayed on top of the applet
  • <titlecss> CSS style for Title
  • <animgifurl> URL for animated GIF to display before rendering the model
  • <uploadedfilecontents> renders uploaded structure
  • <urlcontents> renders structure from URL
  • <wikipagecontents> renders content from wiki page

JSmol applet in a popup window

jmolFile <jmolFile text="Explanatory text for link"></jmolFile>

... 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice 'without pictures or conversation?'

jmolSmiles <jmolSmiles text='nitrobenzene'>c1ccccc1[N+](=O)[O-]</jmolSmiles>

Both versions, using the target as a link or using an alternate text, are supported: nitrobenzene and c1ccccc1[N+](=O)[O-]


jmolPdb <jmolPdb>3rec</jmolPdb> 3rec

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