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To the right and left are two docking models for the complex of recombinant human Stefin B with cysteine proteinase Papain. One of the models is correct while the other is incorrect, can you tell which is which ? to color the correct model blue and find out if you were correct. Let's try this: color the second one .


FunHunt [1][2] is a classifier of correct protein-protein complex orientations. The input to FunHunt are two possible orientations of a complex. A local docking run is performed on the two complexes using RosettaDock. FunHunt then uses features gathered from these docking runs - representing the local energy landscapes of the orientations, and chooses the near-native orientation among both (assuming that one of the orientations is the near native one). FunHunt is available via the web. Try it! [1].


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