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p19 complexed with siRNA

Here is a schematic illustration of the two strands of this silencing RNA (siRNA):

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Morph of N1 alone (2hty) to N1 complexed with Tamiflu (2hu4). The position where Tamiflu will bind is shown translucent except when bound in the empirically-determined model.

T s, , closer to the inhibitor.

Here is the




WEIRD thing with configuration I saw on October 24th 2009. When I enter 'configuration 1;' or 'configuration 2;' console in Proteopedia SAT, then it added weird lines from bases and among protein that were faint but I couldn't get rid of. It wouldn't happen in the newest version of FirstGlance linked to 1rpu page but then later it even wouldn't happen in SAT when I initiated new browser windows and JAVA runs. At first I thought it was leaving off the semi-colon but then it seemed to work with the semi-colon everywhere too. So another weird thing like when you need to scroll side of browser window to get a stuck animation going.













This is a sample [1] of the standard references and one [2] with the PubmedID only new option "<ref>PMID:18673581</ref>".

It's possible now to have additional references by adding them to the group xtra. See this page source under Additional Literature and Resources.


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