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3dyd, resolution 2.30Å ()
Gene: TAT (Homo sapiens)
Activity: Tyrosine transaminase, with EC number
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Human Tyrosine Aminotransferase


[ATTY_HUMAN] Defects in TAT are the cause of tyrosinemia type 2 (TYRO2) [MIM:276600]; also known as Richner-Hanhart syndrome. TYRO2 is an inborn error of metabolism characterized by elevations of tyrosine in the blood and urine, and oculocutaneous manifestations. Typical features include palmoplantar keratosis, painful corneal ulcers, and mental retardation.[1]


[ATTY_HUMAN] Transaminase involved in tyrosine breakdown. Converts tyrosine to p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate. Can catalyze the reverse reaction, using glutamic acid, with 2-oxoglutarate as cosubstrate (in vitro). Has much lower affinity and transaminase activity towards phenylalanine.[2][3]

About this Structure

3dyd is a 2 chain structure with sequence from Homo sapiens. Full crystallographic information is available from OCA.


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