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3e56, resolution 2.01Å ()
Gene: Npun_R1517 (Nostoc punctiforme)
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The 2.0 Angstrom Resolution Crystal Structure of NpR1517, a Putative Heterocyst Differentiation Inhibitor from Nostoc punctiforme

About this Structure

3e56 is a 1 chain structure with sequence from Nostoc punctiforme. Full crystallographic information is available from OCA.


  • Ni S, Benning MM, Smola MJ, Feldmann EA, Kennedy MA. Crystal structure of Npun_R1517, a putative negative regulator of heterocyst differentiation from Nostoc punctiforme PCC 73102. Proteins. 2009 Feb 15;74(3):794-8. PMID:19089958 doi:10.1002/prot.22308

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