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Unreleased structure

The entry 6qzh is ON HOLD until Paper Publication

Authors: Jaeger, K., Bruenle, S., Weinert, T., Guba, W., Muehle, J., Miyazaki, T., Weber, M., Furrer, A., Haenggi, N., Tetaz, T., Huang, C.Y., Mattle, D., Vonach, J.M., Gast, A., Kuglstatter, A., Rudolph, M.G., Nogly, P., Benz, J., Dawson, R.J.P., Standfuss, J.

Description: Structure of the human CC Chemokine Receptor 7 in complex with the intracellular allosteric antagonist Cmp2105 and the insertion protein Sialidase NanA

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