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3D structures of Alpha-1-antitrypsin

Updated on 23-December-2013

Uncleaved A1AT

1qlp, 2qug, 3cwl, 7api, 8api, 9api, 3ne4 - hA1AT – human
1atu, 1psi, 1hp7, 3dru, 3drm, 1iz2, 1kct – hA1AT (mutant)
3t1p - hA1AT (mutant) residues 48-418
1ezx - hA1AT fragment + trypsin
1oph - hA1AT (mutant) + trypsinogen (mutant)
1oo8 - hA1AT precursor (mutant)
2d26 - hA1AT + elastase-1
3cwm - hA1AT + citrate

Cleaved A1AT

3ndd, 3ndf, 1qmb – hA1AT (mutant)


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