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Mouse COX-2 tetramer with heme group (PDB code 5cox)

3D Structures of cyclooxygenase

Updated on 23-July-2013


3n8v, 1prh - sCOX I – sheep
1pth – sCOX I + aspirin
1pge, 1pgf, 1pgg - sCOX I + iodinated anti-inflammatory drug
1cqe, 3kk6 - sCOX I + anti-inflammatory inhibitor
1igx, 1igz - sCOX I + linoleic acid derivative
1u67 - sCOX I (mutant) + fatty acid substrate
2ayl - sCOX I Mn-substituted + anti-inflammatory drug
3n8w - sCOX I (mutant) + anti-inflammatory drug
3n8x, 3n8z, 1eqg - sCOX I + anti-inflammatory drug
3n8y - sCOX I + aspirin + anti-inflammatory drug
2oye, 2oyu, 1ebv, 1eqh, 1ht5, 1ht8, 1q4g - sCOX I + inhibitor
1diy, 1fe2 – sCOX I + arachidonic acid


5cox - mCOX II]] - mouse
1cx2, 3pgh, 4cox, 6cox - mCOX II + anti-inflammatory inhibitor
1pxx, 3ln1, 3q7d, 3rr3, 3nt1, 3ntb - mCOX II + anti-inflammatory drug
3qmo, 4fm5 - mCOX II (mutant) + inhibitor
3hs5, 3hs6, 3hs7, 3krk, 3mdl, 3olt, 3olu, 3qh0 - mCOX II (mutant) + fatty acid substrate
3ln0, 3mqe, 3ntg - mCOX II + benzopyran inhibitor
1cvu – mCOX II + peptide + arachidonic acid
1ddx – mCOX II + prostaglandin + arachidonic acid
3tzi, 4e1g – mCOX II (mutant) + acrylic acid


This page has been constructed and edited by Maria Saiz, Rafael Gonzalez & Eva Garcia, students of the Biomedicine Master of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Murga, as a contribution to the Molecular Pharmacology Course of the doctoral programme in Biosciences.


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