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XML error: Mismatched tag at line 1
XML error: XML_ERR_NAME_REQUIRED at line 1

  • When does it happen: This error appears following a (Save page) from an edit session.
  • How to avoid it: Always do a (Show preview) before actually saving the page. If you see the error, use your browser's back button to get back to the wikitext box, where you can look for the mismatched tag to fix it. If you cannot find the mismatched tag, one option is to click Cancel so the changes that caused the error are not saved. You will lose any changes you made since the previous save, but the error will be gone.
  • What causes this error: A mismatched tag, like a missing closing </scene>, or even a missing "<" or ">" sign, for example in "</scene" (where the final ">" was inadvertantly deleted).
  • How to fix it: Lets assume that you saved the page with the mismatched tag error, so all you can see is the XML Error message. Don't worry. You can still open the page in edit mode and fix it.
    • If you are still in the same browser session in which you clicked the Save page button and saw the error, all you have to do is click the Back button of your browser. Now you will see the wikitext containing the error as it was just before you saved it. If you can find and correct the error, then save the page again.
    • If you are in a new browser session, you can still edit the page. For that, try accessing your page (don't pay attention to the XML error text). Now, slightly modify the URL on your browser replacing the / following index.php by ?title= and adding &action=edit after the name of your page, as shown in this example. Once done, press return on the url to open the page for editing:
  • Once you have the page in edit mode, all you need to do is to add the missing tag or to remove the superfluous one.
  • If you cannot find the incorrect tag, click on the history tab at the top of the edit page. Now click on undo at the right end of the top item (the last save). You will be shown the comparision of the wikitext before and after the last save. Changes will be highlighted.
  • If you can find the error, click your browser's Back button twice to get back to the wikitext containing the error. Fix the error and save the page.
  • If you cannot find the error, go ahead and save the undo. You will lose changes made along with the change that created the error, but the error will be gone.

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