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Proteopedia is holding a Page of the Year Competition! Could your page be the best page?

The idea is to give potential page authors that extra bit of incentive to try making a page in Proteopedia. Hopefully, these talented authors will see just how fun and easy it is to edit pages in Proteopedia, and continue contributing in the future.

The competition ends on December 31, 2009.

The winners of the competition have been announced: here


The winner of the Proteopedia Best Page Competition will receive a 32Gb iPod touch (the top-of-the-line model, when the contest was announced) courtesy of iDigital, Apple's representatives in Israel. The winner and the top 4 runners-up will receive a highly-coveted Proteopedia Mug.


The rules are:

  1. To enter your page into the contest, you must list your page here: Proteopedia:Page of the Year Entrants
  2. All content in your page must be your work and your work alone (you may refer to a particular version in the history of the page that represents your work).
  3. The page must be in English.
  4. You may enter as many pages as you like in the competition.
  5. Proteopedia Team members and contest judges are not eligible to participate in the contest.


Pages will be judged based on:

  1. Intuitive communication of the subject matter
  2. Creative use of green scene links
  3. Accessibility to a diverse scientific audience
  4. A concise introduction accessible to someone unfamiliar with the subject
  5. Good references
  6. Accuracy of the content
  7. Linking to other Proteopedia pages

The judging panel is currently comprised of Eran Hodis, Jaime Prilusky, and Joel Sussman. Additional judges may be announced.


If this will be your first time editing pages in Proteopedia, we suggest you visit the Main Page and read a bit about Proteopedia. Of particular interest should be the Proteopedia:Video Guide, a narrated, introductory video guide of Proteopedia and Proteopedia-editing available from the Main Page. If you do not have a user account, you will need to request one by visiting the 'log in / request account' button at the upper-right-hand corner of any page in Proteopedia.

As far as suggested page topics go, you really have free reign. Anything goes, but just to give you some ideas (and you are certainly not restricted to these types of page topics):

  • You could create a page on a particular protein like "DNA helicase" or "Rubisco".
  • You could create a page on a particlar family of proteins like "Serine hydrolases".
  • You could create a page on a particlar protein fold like "TIM barrel" or "Rossman fold".
  • You could create a page on a particular small molecule like "Acetylcholine".
  • You could create a page on a topic like "Proteins" or "Peptides".
  • You could create a page on a crystallographer and the structures she or he has solved.
  • You could come up with your own idea for a page. Be creative!

If you have any questions you can email Eran at .

These rules are subject to change.

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Eran Hodis, Jaime Prilusky, Joel L. Sussman

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