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Pseudoenzymes are proteins that cannot catalyze chemical reactions despite being clearly related structurally to functioning enzymes. Many enzyme families contain inactive members. For example, a number of human kinases lack at least one of the key amino acids necessary for catalysis of phosphate transfer [1]. Often pseudoenzymes still have biological roles, albeit non-catalytic. Some assist true enzymes in obtaining functional folds, some server as platforms for other proteins to interact, and some are escorts for proteins [2][3].

3D structures of Pseudoenzymes

  • Toxoplasma virulence factor, ROP5 pseudokinase (3q5z and 3q60)
  • C-terminal domain of splicing factor Prp8p (2og4) resembles an isopeptidase converted to a platform
  • the structure of a fragment of integrin-like kinase (3kmu and 3kmw) demonstrated it is not a kinase and instead serves a structural role linking the cell's cytoskeleton to surface receptors
  • RLCK family member, the Brassinosteroid signaling kinase (4i92, 4i93, 4i94)
  • the pseudokinase MLKL (4btf) involved in triggering cell death by necroptosis



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