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Elongation factor SelB C terminal tetramer complex with RNA 1wsu
Gene: selB (Moorella thermoacetica)
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Elongation factor SelB uses several methods to recognize the selenocysteine insertion sequence found in messenger RNA. The insertion sequence forms a hairpin loop with an unstacked guanine base in the loop. This guanine forms The planar base is also sandwiched between in the protein, which form a tight hydrophobic pocket. This is best seen using a The overall shape of the hairpin is recognized by contacts with several In particular, notice the intimate contact formed by both the charged nitrogen and hydrophobic carbon chain of

This page complements the article on Selenocysteine Synthase in the Molecule of the Month Series. See also Teaching Scenes, Tutorials, and Educators' Pages.

3D structures of SelB

1lva – MtSelB C terminal – Moorella thermoacetica
2v9v - MtSelB winged-helix domains
1wb2 – MmSelB – Methanococcus maripaludis

SelB complex with nucleotides

1wb1 – MmSelB + GDP
1wb3 – MmSelB + GPPNHP
1wsu, 2uwm - MtSelB C terminal + RNA
2pjp – EcSelB mRNA-binding domain + RNA – Eschrichia coli
2ply - EcSelB mRNA-binding domain (mutant) + RNA

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