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This Sandbox is Reserved from October 27, 2010, through December 21, 2010 for use by the Biochemistry 642 class at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst taught by Wayne Decatur. This reservation includes Sandbox Reserved 101 through Sandbox Reserved 142.
To get started:
  • Click the edit this page tab at the top. Save the page after each step, then edit it again.
  • Click the 3D button (when editing, above the wikitext box) to insert a 3D applet Jmol scene window.
  • show the Scene authoring tools, create a molecular scene, and save it. Copy the green link into the page.
  • Add a description of your scene. Use the buttons above the wikitext box for bold, italics, links, headlines, etc.

More help: Help:Editing

Your Problem Set Scenes

Your caption here.

Drag the structure with the mouse to rotate

Make a scene and then add it to the applet tag (above this text in the editing view) with a name, such as ' scene='Sandbox/TestScene/1'   ' to read:

<applet load='1d66' size='300' frame='true' align='right' scene='Sandbox/TestScene/1' caption='Your caption here.' />
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