Myocyte enhancer factor 2

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Mouse HDAC9 (aquamarine) complex with myocyte-specific enhancer factor (green) and DNA (PDB entry 1tqa)

3D Structures of myocyte enhancer factor 2

Updated on 08-September-2020

1egw, 1c7u, 3kov – hMEF2A N terminal + DNA – human
3mu6 – hMEF2A N terminal (mutant) + DNA
3p57 – hMEF2A N terminal + DNA + histone acetyltransferase
6c9l – hMEF2B
1n6j – hMEF2B N terminal + DNA + calcineurin-binding protein
1tqe – hMEF2B N terminal + DNA + histone deacylase 9 peptide
6wc5 – hMEF2B + NKX-2.5 + DNA
5f28 – MEF2C N terminal + focal adhesion kinase 1 - mouse


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