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Proteopedia grows through an ongoing community effort.

The Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors section contains the real names of those who have been directly responsible for what you are seeing on the page, by editing it as logged-in users. The list of names in this section is generated automatically by Proteopedia's customization of the MediaWiki software that operates Proteopedia, and occasionally may contain names of users whose contributions have been replaced or removed.

Page editors both receive appropriate credit for their contributions and take responsibility for their entries.

Content Donors vs Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors

Occasionally contributors to Proteopedia allow for their content to be imported (and adapted as necessary) into Proteopedia, but do not actually do the importing and adapting themselves -- we call these people "Content Donors". Their names appear under a section titled "Content Donors". The work of importing and adapting the donated content has been performed by one or more of the people listed under the section "Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors". Keep in mind that if you have any concerns about the page, you should contact those that have edited the page, the "Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors", as the "Content Donors", while having donated valuable work to the page, may have never seen the Proteopedia page itself.

An example of a page with a content donor is Quality assessment for molecular models. There are several content donors is a previous version of Hemoglobin.

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Eran Hodis, Eric Martz, Karsten Theis, Jaime Prilusky

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