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A list of Useful, Useless or simply Interesting facts on Proteins, Structures and what's around them, automatically updated by OCA, the browser and database for structure and function.

The most common ...

  • The most common Sources are Homo sapiens, present in 42,655 PDB structures and Escherichia coli, present in 10,093 PDB structures.
  • The most common Ligand is GOL, present in 13,383 PDB structures (excluding SO4)
  • The most common Space group is P 21 21, present in 32,728 PDB structures.

The most conspicuous ...

Overall Statistics ...

  • The mean PDB resolution is 2.15 ± 0.58 based on 116,493 X_Ray structures.
  • The mean PDB file is 193.05K ± 336.84K based on 129,758 files.
  • There are 4 structure files with 12 citations (1dtq,1dtt,1het,3u87) and 2 structure files with 2 citations (181l,185d).

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